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Coming Together to learn

Empowering Kids to Be Circular Stars

We provide kids and families with the information and tools to become conscious, innovative and collaborative participants in a Circular Economy: Circular Stars.

Keep on learning together: young and older

We explore the innovative frontiers of our society and go on learning adventures to propel circularity forward. The insights and connection along the way are share with the commons to continuously empowering the community of learners of every age. In all we do we give kids between 6-16 the center stage.

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Hello Educator!

sCoolMakers offers educational resources for formal and informal educators. Digital and non-digital tools around circularity and 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. Creating impact is super cool.

We are working on a smart platform that will save you time. You can combine lesson ideas into your very own learning adventure. We will also connect you to entrepreneurs, businesses, municipalities and schools in your area!

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Hello Organiser!

Expedition Circular offers learning programs for kids, teenagers and their families about circularity. We call them adventures, and they can take the most varied of forms: school project weeks and summer camps, event programs, workshop activities, you name it!

You are organizing an event with kids to make a positive social and green impact #Play #Create #Share #Change and #Shine. We would love to co-create with you as we have done with many other partners so far!

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Hello Ambassador!

Circular Stars is a community of kids inspiring each other and learning together about circularity. We encourage the creation of local Circular Stars Clubs, and provide ideas and resources for engaging learning activities.


Within your community there's a wish to contribute to more awareness and action for a better world. All you need is some help to get you started and keep the flow. We are here for you!

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Together we are Stronger

From the very start in 2017 we join forces and work closely with our stakeholders to empower a growing number of Circular Stars. 
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 Schools and BSO's 
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Governments and NGO's
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Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Always playing ✨
What we are up to now:

#Play #Create #Share #Change #Shine
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Become Part of Our Constellation of Supporters

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