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Our Vision

Build The World You Want To Live In
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Circularity is the New Normal

The Stars Are Circular Foundation envisions a world in which Circular Economy is a reality, where people can live in prosperity within cohesive local communities and without harming the planet. This is not just a wish for the future but a current -and urgent- matter we need to address. Now.

Empowering Kids To Be
Circular Stars

We provide kids and families with the information and tools they need to become Conscious, Innovative and Collaborative participants in a Circular Economy: Circular Stars.

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Play, Create, Share,
Change, Shine

Through the enhancement of social, creative and entrepreneurial skills, we ensure kids have both the mindset and the skill set to flourish in the Circular Economy.

Purpose and Engagement for
the 21st century

Circularity as a topic contributes value in huge amounts to any educational program: Its big scope of application makes it flexible and adaptable to work alongside the whole rainbow of 21st century skills, while at the same time creating a significant connection with real world issues.

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We foster individual strengths and talents to achieve collective impact.

We work closely with 

  • Schools and out of school care

  • Governments and Non-Governmental Institution

  • Businesses and Entrepreneurs

  • Communities

 How we work 

 We are definitely not a regular Foundation. Here's why. 
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Keep on moving 
The way we work resembles the fast pace, ever changing, collaborative environment of a startup.

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Talk less and do more 
We have a pro-active and hands-on oriented approach, we set attainable goals and execute on them in collaboration with others. We roll our sleeves and get things done.

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Be the first, and be humble 
We are frontrunners and because of that we are always learning by doing. We discover new things around every corner, just like kids do.

Stars Are Circular Be The Change.png

Be the change 
We -try- to walk the talk and dream big, fueled with passion and commitment to our mission.

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Every project we undertake is a collaborative effort. We are connectors at heart and frequently step outside our bubble to forge new and lasting relationships.

Work with us on SDGs

We work on all Sustainable Development Goals but with Focus on Quality Education, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action and Partnerships for the Goals. 
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